Bella Sicilia

We just came back from a 3-day weekend in Sicily (Italy).

We didn’t book anything apart from our ferry tickets (Virtu Ferries from Malta to Pozzallo eur 58.00 pp – including return – and it’s a trip of 1.30hrs).

Once in Pozzallo, we wanted to rent a car but there is no agency at the harbour from where we could rent one. We took a minibus from the harbour to go to the centre of Pozzallo (eur 5.00 pp) and the driver told us that we could either rent a car or catch the bus to Syracuse.

We decided to catch the bus (eur 5.40 pp) to go to Syracuse (trip of approx. 2 hours by bus as it stops in different places).

We had lunch and walked around to rent a car. We got a Fiat 500 🙂 we couldn’t get anything better for a road trip in Sicily !!!

Woohoo let’s Enjoy Sicilia and let’s go to Catania !

Once there, we didn’t find anything particular to the city … It was nice but nothing « wow ». We looked for a place to sleep and went to the City hotel which was very nice, clean and close to the centre.

We decided to go out for dinner. We took the car and stopped for a walk until we found this AMAZING restaurant : U FUCULARU.

Guys, you must go there if you go to Catania, check out Tripadvisor it tells you the truth – this place is DELICIOUS and the best value for money I’ve ever seen in a restaurant !!!

The next day, we drove up to Taormina. This place is PARADISE ! Beautiful with a lot of charm and always very good food !

We took a room at the Grand Hotel Miramare. The hotel is at 5 min by walk from the centre, lovely and with amazing views …

With regards to Taormina, there is only one word to describe it : BEAUTIFUL.

As a conclusion, I must say that it’s very difficult to express all our feelings about this trip but we felt in love with the island …

Ciao ciao ciao Siciliano

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